Monday, January 27, 2014

Review Born Pretty Store Striping Tape

Press Sample

Hey Y'all!!  I hope y'all are staying warm!!  It's ridiculously cold here!!  Today's high is 32 degrees.  That's the high!  WTH??  I can't wait for Spring.  I feel like going to bed and not getting out until the temperatures reach the 70's! At least I'm home now and have the central heat on, every space heater and am bundled up after spending all morning and half the afternoon out.  Although I did get to go to Red Lobster for a pre-birthday lunch, yay!!

And I have some great striping tape for you today from Born Pretty Store!!
The pictures show a base of Orly Grave Mistake, a deep red crème from the Dark Shadows collection.  Then Born Pretty Store sent the above striping tape for review.  It's a gorgeous holographic gun metal design.  It truly needs to be seen in person, it is so pretty!!
I love, love, LOVE using striping tape for nail art!!  It can be used so many different ways!  My favorite way is the using the tape on the nails like in the pictures above.  I do have a couple of tips for you when using striping tape.  First, don't let your nails dry completely.  Apply the tape while they are still slightly tacky.  Once you have the tape where you want it, carefully press it down.  This will make the tape wear longer.  Also, cut the tape just short of your nails so nothing is hanging over the edge.  One last tip, using tweezers to place the tape can help.  Cut lengths slightly longer than your nail, place the tape, then I use nail clippers or cuticle scissors to trim the tape to the proper length.  And don't forget the top coat!!
Another great way to use striping tape is in making clean, straight lines for nail art like in my Gwen Stefani French Tips:
And the absolutely best part?????  Right now you can get
3 rolls of striping tape for just $0.99!!
That is a great deal!!  This is only for a limited time so hurry!!  But even if you miss this deal, the regular price for a set of 3 rolls is only $1.90!!  And if you use the code NE5J61 you can get an additional 10% off plus free shipping world wide!!  There are over 30 different colors to chose from.
I hope y'all have a fabulous day and Happy Polishing!!

The following products were furnished to Glittery Fingers & Sparkling Toes for review.  The opinions expressed are my own and were in not influenced in any way.