Thursday, January 2, 2014

Formula X For Sephora: Legend and Law of Attraction

Hey Y'all!!  Happy New Year!!  I'm still sick, yay.  Of course the hubby is now fine.  So not only did he give me his yucky germs, he has the nerve to already be better.  I'm now plotting revenge!

But he and the now-a-teen did give me a couple of bottles of polish for Christmas.  And I have them for you today!   They are both from the new Formula X for Sephora line, Legend and Law of Attraction.

First up is Legend:
I saw Legend in Sephora and fell in love with it!  If you look at the polish in the bottle in the picture above, you'll see what I saw in the store.  I saw a blurple (equally blue and purple) polish that had a heavy blue and purple shimmer.  I was so excited, couldn't wait to put it on!  What I got is exactly what you see on my nails: a burgundy polish with an extremely subtle blue and purple shimmer.
Do you see the shimmer?  Me either.  And for the most part, I didn't see it.   At least not inside in regular light.  It only showed up while taking the pictures.  And I certainly didn't expect it to be burgundy.  Not that I don't like burgundy.  I do.  Especially when it leans more towards purple like this one does.  It's just that this polish looks EXTREMELY different on the nail than it does on the nail.
As for the formula, it was great.  It went on smoothly, and evened out in two coats. Pictures show two coats with one coat of top coat.   Of course for $12.50 a bottle I expect a great formula.  My only complaint is that it looks nothing like the polish in the bottle!!!

Ok, so I was disappointed in Legend, on to Law of Attraction:
From the bottle, this appeared to be a clear base with micro silver glitter and medium hex blue holographic glitter.  Pictures show one coat of  Law of Attraction over two coats of Legend with top coat.
Ok, I'm beginning  to lose my powers of observation, cause I swear that looks like gold glitter with blue holographic glitters.  No matter where I went, no matter the lighting, this looked like gold with blue holo glitters.  What is going on???
As for formula, it was great.  And it is packed with glitter, I bet you could get full coverage with two coats.  Again, this bottle was $12.50 (the crème polishes are $10 each).

These are the only two bottles of Formula X I own, so I don't know if the "looks one way in the bottle and looks completely different on my nail" thing is limited to just these two or not.  I do have a request in for another color, Heroic, for my birthday, which is this month, so hopefully I'll find out if they all do this Houdini thing or not.  I have seen swatches of the crèmes from this line and they seem to look the same on the nail as they do in the bottle.

Maybe it's just me....what do y'all think?

Oh well.  I'll see y'all tomorrow with a design inspired by the incredible Robin Moses (isn't she amazing???).  Until then, Happy Polishing!!

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