Friday, January 17, 2014

Orly FX Galaxy-Part 2

Hey Y'all!!  I have part two of the new Orly FX Galaxy collection for you.  And thank you again to the fabulous Liz at A Mani Maniac for sending these!!  I do want to apologize for some of the pictures not being in the sun.  Apparently the sun hates Georgia and rarely visits us anymore, but these polishes sparkle.  Pictures just don't do them justice anyway.  Ok, let's get to it!  (Be sure to check out the last one!)

Starburst is a light pink milky base with small red glitter, medium gold glitter and large circle matte white glitter.  Pictures show two coats with top coat.  First thing, I needed a third coat to really even it out, but it wasn't as obvious in real life.  I also had some previous staining on my pinky that I didn't think showed, but, yeah it does in photos :(
This is so pretty in real life!  But I would definitely recommend three coats.

Milky Way
Milky Way is a milky blue base with micro holographic glitters, small red glitter and medium holographic glitter.  Pictures show two coats with top coat.  Sadly there wasn't any sun while I was wearing this and pictures TRULY do not begin to do this polish justice.  This is my second favorite of the collection.  I'm going to have to try this again!
When you wear this, I again highly recommend three coats.

Intergalactic Space
Intergalactic Space is a dark blue base with micro blue glitter, small pink and purple glitter and large round matte white glitter.  Pictures show one coat over China Glaze Liquid Leather and top coat.
This one is my absolute favorite of the collection.  It's just so purty!!!

Bottom line?  If you like glitter, you'll love this collection. There wasn't a single one I didn't like/love.  And I give credit to Orly for mixing up the sizes and shapes of their glitter.  While it approaches the look of  indies, it's still different.  Does that make sense?  The only thing I wished they did was tell us which galaxies they were based on. Their info says each bottle was based on a specific galaxy.  Well ok, I can figure out Milky Way, but I wish I knew the rest.

I hope y'all enjoy your day!  Happy Polishing!!

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