Friday, August 30, 2013

Review: Orly Angel Rain & Digital Glitter

Hey Y'all!!  TGIF!!!  So here in the USA it's Labor Day Weekend, which means a long weekend.  Here in Georgia there is a lot going on, sadly, none of which I'm going to.  I would love to go to Dragon Con, but crap it's expensive!!  There is also a book festival going on, but oh well.  Still not sure what we will do...

But in the meantime I have two of the polishes from Orly's Surreal Collection (I have two more for you later).  When I went to Ulta last week I couldn't resist picking up four out of the six.   First up is Angel Rain:
This is a beautiful light blue duochrome that shifts between light blue to lilac.  There are even hints of a pastel green in some light, but I couldn't get a picture of it :(  The pictures show three coats with top coat.  Even at three coats, there was still some visible nail line showing through.  But if you wanted to add a fourth coat, that would be fine, as the polish is on the thin side.  Despite the polish being a little thin I didn't have any problem with it running.  There was no balding and no streaking.  And unlike most frosty polishes, I didn't have a problem with visible brushstrokes.
I really love Angel Rain!  But just as a warning, the shift in this polish isn't very obvious, it's more of a subtle shift.  But it's still a very pretty polish!

Next up is Digital Glitter:
Digital Glitter is a very unique glitter!  It consist of micro pink/lilac glitter, really small red and purple/maroon glitter and small square silver holographic glitter in a clear base!  Whew!  It's actually really hard to see the separate glitters, what you see is just a whole bunch of glitter awesomeness!! 

Each nail shows the coats listed below with top coat:
I liked it better with three coats, but liked it with just one or two also.  The formula was great, I didn't have to fish for glitters.
The holo effect is subtle.  And despite all the fabulous glitter, this isn't a glitter bomb, it is more subtle, but more glittery than a matte. 

I really loved both of these polishes!  I love the dark look of the glitter, making it perfect to place over lighter colors.  Be sure to check these out!!  Next I will have the other two polishes I bought from this collection.  Until then, Happy Polishing!!!!