Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Revew: China Glaze Fall 2013 Collection, Part I

Hey Y'all!!  Today I have Part One of the China Glaze Fall 2013 Collection, Autumn Nights.  I'm so excited to bring you this collection.  I bought the entire collection, 12 polishes, from a site called Nail Supplies for $17.94 for 6 polishes.  Not a bad deal.  And the best part?  They arrived the next day!  It was an easy and painless experience!  (Note:  I have no affiliation with Nail Supplies.  They have no idea who I am, this is just for your information if you wanted to try them)

Click here to see Part II of the collection!

Ok, on to Autumn Nights!!  There are 2 crèmes, 4 shimmers/glass flecks, and 6 frosts.  The first 6 I am showing you today is Gossip Over Gimlets!  All pictures show two coats with top coat unless otherwise noted.

Gossip Over Gimlets
Gossip Over Gimlets is a gorgeous shimmery platinum that is so reflective it's almost a glass fleck polish.  The formula was fantastic!  A bit thicker than most of China Glaze polishes, this could easily be a one coater.  Pictures show two coats (cause that's what I am used to :p) with top coat.

Rendezvous With You
Rendezvous With You is another shimmer in a darker purple!  Yay!  Y'all know I love my purple!  And this polish is beautiful!  It also is so reflective it could be a glass fleck.  The formula was wonderful with this one, another one coater.
Kiss My Glass
Kiss My Glass is described as a blue gunmetal shimmer.  I would call it a gunmetal frost/metallic.  The blue is not as evident in real life.  But however you describe it, it's a beauty!  This can also easily be a one coater.  It went on without any real issues.  The only con is one I have about all metallic/frosts and that is it is streaky and shows brush marks. But they are not nearly as evident in real life as they are in the photos.
Public Relations
Public Relations is a violet toned gunmetal shimmer.  Although to be honest, it was so close to the above Kiss My Glass that I had a hard time figuring out which picture was which.  The formula is just like the one for Kiss My Glass; easily a one coater, but streaky finish.  Still it's a really pretty color.
Queen B
Queen B is a blurple crème that is just gorgeous.  It's a highly pigmented, rich blue with heavy purple undertones.  The formula is fantastic!  This could also be a one coater; there was no streaking or balding issues.  I think this is going to be a favorite of mine this fall!
Charmed I'm Sure
And last, but certainly not least, is my favorite of this six, Charmed I'm Sure.  Charmed I'm Sure is another highly pigmented, rich, dark purple crème.  The formula was incredible, another could be one coater and there was no streaking or balding.  This is going to be worn a lot this Fall!!
I'll have the rest of the collection for you on Thursday!! (click here for Part II)  Tomorrow is the Mish Mash Challenge.
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