Friday, August 2, 2013

Review: She New Moon

Morning Every One!!!  TGIF!!!  This has been one of the longest weeks.  I don't know about y'all but I'm so happy it's Friday!!  I should have a good day...taking the now-a-teen clothes shopping and that can go either way, lol. 

So since I still have to jump in the shower and meet a friend for breakfast, I'm going to get right to the review.  I stumbled across a new beauty supply store last week and found this polish.  I've never heard of it before, but at $1.00 a bottle I figured I would give it a shot and bought four.  This was my favorite, New Moon:
New Moon is a black/gray jelly with micro silver glitter and medium and large hex holo glitters.  The formula on this was fantastic!  It went on smoothly with no balding, but a bit thin.  The pictures show 4 (yep 4) coats with no top coat.  It dried quickly and I didn't have to fish for the larger glitters.  My favorite part was how smooth the finish was, no top coat needed!  That's rare for a glitter.
The only thing I would change is probably change is I would wear an undie of gray or black first, but I liked it this way too.  Pictures do not do this polish justice.  I had an impossible time trying to capture all the glitter goodness in New Moon.
I have a few more to show you from She, so I don't know if the whole line is good, but this polish was wonderful!  Love it!  Hope y'all have a great Friday!  Happy Polishing!!