Thursday, August 8, 2013

Review: China Glaze Fall 2013 Collection, Part II

Hi Y'all!!  I am so excited!  Laptop is fixed!  Countess Delilah is forgiven!  And I'm now, excitedly, ready to show you Part II of the China Glaze Fall Collection for 2013, Autumn Nights!  So I'm going to get right to it, Strike Up A Cosmo!  All photos show two coats with top coat, except for two, which is stated below.  

To see the first half of the collection, click here.

Don't Make Me Wine
Don't Make Me Wine is a gorgeous, wine/burgundy colored shimmer.  Although to me it looks more like a frost.  Whatever finish it is, it's beautiful  The formula was perfect  This could easily be a one coat polish.
Tongue & Chic
Tongue & Chic is a dark, rich highly pigmented green.  This is just stunning!!  Formula was perfect on it and again it could easily be a one coat polish.
Red-Y & Willing
First, these pictures show ONE COAT with top coat.  Red-Y &Willing is a fantastic, rich, classy dark red shimmer/frost.  I can not tell you how much I love this color  And it will be perfect for the holidays.  I think this may be my favorite of the whole collection!
Scandalous Shenanigans
Scandalous Shenanigans is a gorgeous, deep, dark blue that will be perfect for Fall and Winter.  Formula was wonderful.  Pictures show ONE COAT with top coat.  The one and only negative about this polish is that when I was removing it, it temporarily died my cuticles blue (you'll see it in one of the shimmers below).  Although within an hour or two of washing my hands it did go away.  Besides this polish is too pretty to let that stop me.
Strike Up A Cosmo
Strike Up A Cosmo is a beautiful, light pink shimmer that is almost a glass fleck it is so reflective.  The formula was wonderful, but I would recommend two coats just because I think it increases the sparkle.  Isn't it pretty?  (P.S.  You can see how Scandalous Shenanigans dyed my fingers, but it was gone within a couple of hours) 
Goldie But Goodie
Goldie But Goodie is an incredible, glittery, sparkly gold that will be perfect in the Fall and Winter!  It's just perfection!  The formula was perfect, pictures show two coats with top coat.
So how much do y'all love this new collection??  I'm in love!!!  And I love the fact that they will work great in the Winter too!  I hope y'all enjoy the post, I loved bringing them to you  Don't forget to enter my International Giveaway!!  (on the tab at the top of the page)  Happy Polishing!!!