Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Challenge: Ice, Ice Baby

Hey Y'all!!  It's time for Summer Challenge and today's prompt is Ice, Ice Baby.  Or in other words, our favorite Summer drink!!  This was a hard choice.  My absolute favorite Summer drink is a frozen Pina Colada served by a sexy cabana boy while sitting on a Caribbean beach!!   But that seemed like a lot to put on a nail and a huge challenge on my artistic skills, lol.   Then I thought of a frozen Margarita, but I've seen that done a lot.  So I finally went with the "Champagne of the South", aka Sweet Tea:
I Used:
Sinful Colors- Clear Coat
China Glaze- Call of the Wild (brown crelly)
Art Club- White Ice (iridescent flakes)
Art Club- Fruit

First I have to explain that here in the south we take our Iced Tea VERY seriously.  There is even a law here in Georgia about how to make Sweet Tea.  Yep.  I'm serious. (If y'all want to know the recipe, by law recipe, let me know and I will share on my facebook page) 

So I used the white ice flakes for ice and used the clear coat from Sinful Colors to thin out the Call of the Wild.  And then "garnished" my tea with lemon and mint.
Hope y'all enjoyed this Taste of the South.  Be sure to check out the other ladies' favorite summer drinks!  Happy Polishing!!