Monday, June 24, 2013

Review: Models Own Mermaid Tears & Golden Shore

Hi Everybody!!!  Finally getting my post up.  I'm sorry this is so late, but I was exhausted after this weekend.  It was so long.  But I had a fabulous day and a bizarre day.  But since I'm late, on with the review!

During a recent restock at Llarowe, I was finally able to pick up some of my biggest lemmings.  Two of them are Mermaid Tears and Golden Shore by Models Own (in the picture below with the base colors I used):
Aren't they fabulous???

Ok, let's start with my Number One Lemming, Mermaid Tears.  This is two coats of Mermaid Tears over two coats of essence break through and top coat (direct sun):
Mermaid Tears is a gorgeous polish of a light purple jelly base with flakies that shift between blue and aqua and teal.  The base is SUPER light.  So light that it barely gives a naked nail a purple hue so  I would strongly recommend wearing this over a base color.  The base I used, essence break through didn't seem to change its color at all.

As for Mermaid Tears, I LOVE it!!  It is flashing like little blue lights are on my nails.  Application was pretty easy.  The base isn't too thick.  Just apply it slowly and check each nail before moving on.  I didn't and I had a few flakies that were sticking straight up.  My only complaint is that the pictures show two coats and not a lot of flakies.  Next time I will fish around for them.  Other than that, this was everything I had hoped for.  Seriously, my hands keep flashing like I have lights on them.  Even in low light:

Next up is Golden Shore by Models Own:
This is two coats over Sinful Colors Sunburnt and a top coat.  Golden Shore has an orange jelly base with flakies that shift from gold to green to yellow.  This.  Is. Gorgeous!!  The base shows up on nails just a tiny bit more than Mermaid Tears, but it didn't alter the color of Sunburnt.  The base is really thick but was super easy to apply and there were plenty of flakies,  No fishing required.  Just like with Mermaid Tears though, apply the polish one nail at a time and check to make sure all of the flakies are lying flat.  This is just so pretty, and there is a ton of sparkle in it.  I'm loving it!

Bottom line?  Get these!!  If you love sparkle and flakies, these are a must have!  They are $8.00 each.  I hope y'all enjoyed today's review.  I'll talk to you tomorrow!!  Happy Polishing!!