Friday, June 14, 2013

Review: Born Pretty Glitter Rhinestones

The following products were furnished to Glittery Fingers & Sparkling Toes for review.  The opinions expressed are my own and were in not influenced in any way.

TGIF Everybody!!! I am so excited!!  I have to get straight to the review because, spoiler alert, I LOVE these rhinestones!!!  As soon as I saw them on the  Born Pretty website, I knew I had to have them!!  Born Pretty has named these Glitter Rhinestones, but they are so much more!  Here is what you receive:
The colors are, starting with the silver (right below the white spacer):
Metallic Silver
Neon Pink
Medium Orange
Neon Orange
Dark Orange

All the rhinestones, except the silver, have an aurora borealis finish that makes these glitter in a dark room!  The colors are beautiful enough on their own, but they added that AB sparkle, and they are GORGEOUS!!  I am so excited to show you these.  Here are just a few designs using just a few of the colors on the wheel (but trust me, you are going to see these a lot).  Pictures show the rhinestones in a light box and outside in direct light.
Silver outside

Silver in lightbox

Rhinestones in above pictures: Yellow, Orange, Turquoise, Green, Dark Orange and Purple

Cream rhinestones

Teal rhinestones

Aren't these gorgeous????  It took me a while to do this review because I wanted to make sure I showed you as many as possible.  These made my nails glitter like you wouldn't believe! And they never failed to get a ton of compliments!!!

To place these, just put a drop of clear or top coat where you want the rhinestone to go, then sink the rhinestone in to the polish.  This way you still get long wear (all of these pictures were taken at least 24 hours after I did the mani), but you still get to enjoy all the sparkle!!

They are $4.47 a wheel AND with my discount code NE5J61 you get 10% OFF!!!  And they have free shipping everywhere in the world!!!

And while you're on their site, be sure to look around.  They have EVERYTHING!!!!  Not just nail supplies (literally everything you could possibly want for your nails and nail art), but even jewelry, and decorating items (like items to decorate your bathroom)!!!!  They really are fabulous!!

I hope you enjoyed today's post!!  Happy Polishing!!!