Friday, March 1, 2013

Dripping French Nails (& Tutorial)

Hi y'all!!  TGIF!!!  I have a quick and easy nail art design for you that is sure to get noticed, dripping French tips!  This came about because as I was swatching the Sinful Colors Spring collection, I lost track of time and had to take the teenager to dance.  And since I live way out in the country, I have to stay in town while she's in class.  So I had to run and my hands were two different colors (because I use both hands to I think I know why other bloggers use only one, ha ha).  So this was my attempt to make my nails mesh.

I'm sure you've seen this design a hundred times, it's very popular, so I make no claim to have made this up.  And I have no idea who was the first.  This is my interpretation:
Left hand
Right hand
I Used:
Sinful Colors- Sugar n Spice (pink crème)
Sinful Colors- Sweet Tooth (lilac crème)
Dotting Tool (a pen would work great too)

To make this design, start with your base coat and allow that to dry completely.  Then using a large dotting tool (or a pen) place random dots on your nails.  I do this be placing a drop of polish on a glass plate I bought just for this purpose and then dipping the dotting tool or pen in the polish.  This will be the bottom of your drip.  Then dip your tool back in the polish and from your dot draw up towards the tip of your nail.  Once you have made all your drips, connect them at the tip.  But don't draw a straight line, vary the connections to make it look more realistic.

So how did I do?  Do they match? Ha ha ha!  I hope you enjoy this design, the combinations are limitless.  Going out?  Make your drips sparkle.  Anyway, I hope y'all have a fabulous day and as always, Happy Polishing!!