Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 20: Water Marble, R31DC

Hi y'all!!  How was your weekend?  Mine was fabulous thanks to my hubby and almost teenager.  It was my birthday Sunday and they treated me like a queen all weekend!  Dinner Saturday at my favorite restaurant, breakfast at my favorite diner, and a TRIP TO ULTA!!!  If you remember, there are three Ulta's in my area but they are all over three counties away, so going is a real treat!  And then, just to remind me how far out in the country we live, he took me to the new gas station!!  ROFL!!  Not kidding!!  Although in his defense, this was the coolest gas station I've ever seen.  It had a coffee bar, frozen yogurt bar, dinners, café...nice!  My closest gas station sells gas, bait and guns...and you can get your hair cut, so this café station was a real treat!!

Ok, enough about me, today's challenge is water marble.  I love doing water marbles (and have a step-by-step tutorial here) but I learned one important thing this time around: don't start your water marble after good is going to come from it. Here's my late night attempt:

I Used:
Sally Hansen- Lacey Lilac (lilac crème)
Wet-n-Wild- On A Trip (purple crème)
Orly- Wild Wisteria (dark purple crème)

I LOVE the color combination, I mean purple is my favorite color,  I will be trying this again real soon!  Thank y'all so much for coming by!!  Be sure to check out all the other great water marbles.  Happy Polishing!!