Friday, May 9, 2014

Purple & Hearts & Circles & Holo & Oh My!

Hey Y'all!!  Happy Friday!!  I am so happy it's Friday!  The teen and I have an entire day to chill before another crazy 10 straight days((minus Mother's Day) that include dance, recital, end of the year school parties and oral surgery.  Dang!  It's all her stuff.  LOL, I guess I don't have a life anymore!  Do any of y'all have special plans for the weekend?  Mother's Day is Sunday.  I plan for the teen and hubby to wait on me hand and foot all day!  And crab!  I want crab for dinner!  And lunch!

Ok, so if y'all follow me on facebook, twitter or instagram, you know that a couple of weeks ago some of my blogger buddies and I had a swap.  And the person who had me was the incredible, fabulous, beautiful Natalie at Over The Top Coat!!!!  And she did an incredible job!!  She knocked off a bunch of my wants and loaded me up on jelly beans (my favorite candy)!!!  It was so hard to choose which polish to use first, but I was predictable.  I went with the purple and glitter!
Holy crap on a cracker!!!  These were AH-MAZING!!!!  Pictures truly don't do these justice!!

The lilac is China Glaze Lotus Begin, a beautiful lilac crème.  LOVE!!!  Pictures show two coats.

The glitter top coat is Above The Curve Circle of Love.  OMG!!!!  This is my first Above The Curve nail polish, but it won't be my last.  Circle of Love is mind blowing!  Ok, I will try to tell you everything in it...  Circle of  Love is a clear based topper with:  lilac hearts (hard to see because it's the exact same color as Lotus Begin), red hearts, pink hearts, white hearts, large holographic circles,  large red circles, medium white circles, medium pink circles, medium red circles, medium magenta circles, small magenta circles, small pink circles, small white circles, miro red glitter and micro holographic glitter!  Whew!!  That's a ton of glitter!  And a ton of fabulousness!!  I think I got them all!!

Pictures show one (yep, that's just one) coat of Circle of Love with two coats of top coat, just to make sure everything evened out. I didn't even have to dig for the glitters.  Not even the big ones!

I can not begin to tell you how much I LOVE these polishes!!  And I can't thank the fabulous Natalie enough!!!

Hope y'all enjoyed today's post and that you have an incredible weekend! Happy Polishing!!