Thursday, June 5, 2014

Just Some Gorgeous Polish Studio M & Darling Diva


Hey Y'all!  I've missed you!  I've been miserable the last couple of days.  Not to be gross, but I have stomach ulcers.  Over 60.  Fortunately they are shallow and are healing, but when they get irritated, I'm in agony.  Which is how I've been the past couple of days :(

So this post was supposed to be my TIOT, but since I didn't get it posted, it's now a post about some gorgeous polish!  I have two polishes for you today, Studio M Lovin' It and Darling Diva And A Bag of Chips:
Oh. My. Goodness!!  These are so gorgeous in person and I just loved them!!!

Sadly, I forgot to get any pictures of Lovin' It by itself.  Which is a huge shame because it's gorgeous!!  Studio M is a neon orange with a blue shimmer and it's amazing!  The formula was perfect!  I applied two coats and it went on perfectly!  There was no balding or streaking.  And a HUGE THANK YOU to my darlin' Liz of A Mani Maniac for the fabulous gift!!  LOVE YOU LIZ!!!

The second polish it Darling Diva, And A Bag Of Chips that I won in a giveaway hosted by Darling Diva.  This is an amazing top coat polish!!!  It's a GITD (glow in the dark) milky top coat with micro glitters that shift from blue to a magenta-ish purple!  Yep!!  GITD AND shifting glitters!  Now, this was my first attempt at capturing a glow in the dark polish, so be nice, but here ya' go:
And A Bag Of Chips was amazing!!!!  And it drove my camera insane.  Does it look like hundreds of little lights on my nails?  Cause that's what it looked like in person!
LOVED THIS!!  The formula was amazing!  The pictures show one (yep, just one) coat of And A Bag Of Chips!  No issues with this polish at all.  Darling Diva has a shop on Etsy, just click here, and she's currently out of this polish :(  We need to beg her to make more...I need back ups!!  Of both polishes!!
I hope y'all enjoy these polishes as much as I did!  I think it's nap time then time to catch up on all my fabulous friends' blogs!  Have a fabulous day!  And, of course, Happy Polishing!!