Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tip For Professional Looking Nails, Wrap Them!

Hey Y'all!!

Today I'm going to give you the biggest tip I have for making your nail polish last, and for giving you a finished, professional look to your nails.  And this is for  NATURAL and ACRYLIC nails.  This is also one of my biggest pet peeves....everyone, acrylic and natural nails should wrap their nails! 

So what does it mean to wrap your nails?  Simple!  After painting your nail, all your going to do is run the brush on the free edge of your nail:
There are two ways to do this.  The first is like in the above picture where you use the tip of the brush and basically paint the edge.  This is best for acrylic ladies, or ladies like me with acrylic over their natural nails.

The second way, which is best for those with natural nails, is to run the side of the brush along the free edge like this:
Either way that is easier is great, they both work!

And I promise that not only will your nails look more professional, the color will last longer and have less wear on the tips.  Also, if you've ever heard of shrinkage from nail polish, you won't experience it.  Wrapping your nails eliminates shrinkage.
And don't forget to wrap your top coat too!!

Also, if you want to make your mani last even longer, every other day or as you notice wear, paint a fresh, thin coat of your polish and add another coat of top coat.  Don't forget to wrap them again!!

I hope you enjoyed today's tips!  Happy Polishing!!

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