Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring Leopard & Gradient

Hey Y'all!!  So the teen is on Spring Break this week, and so far it's been warm & beautiful and cold  wet...typical Georgia Spring I guess.  And sadly, we don't have any plans, saving money for her summer dance camps.  Do any of y'all have big plans for Spring Break?

But it is giving me time to do a bunch of nail art for y'all!  And today I have Spring Leopard print and Gradient:

I Used:
Sally Hansen Triple Shine- Bait Me (pale gray/silver with silver shimmer)
Sally Hansen Triple Shine- Blow Bubbles (light pink shimmer)
Sally Hansen Triple Shine- Flame On (magenta shimmer)
Make Up Sponges
Dotting Tools

Since I've told y'all a lot, how to do gradients and leopard spots, I'll just tell you what colors I used where.

I painted my ring finger and thumb with the middle color, Blow Bubbles, and the rest of my nails with Bait Me, the pale shimmery grayish, white-ish silver.  Ok, I'm not sure what color it is, but it's a beauty.  The Blow Bubbles took three coats and the Bait Me took two.

The leopard spots were made using Flame On and the lines around them were made with Bait Me.  The order of the gradient, from the cuticle to the tip, is Bait Me, Blow Bubbles and Flame On.

Also, I have a favor to ask!  My friends (Over The Topcoat, Sunshine Nails and Sassy Paints) and I have entered a contest being held by and we would SO appreciate it if you would vote for us!!  Just click here!!  We're the Polish Mavens! Thank y'all!!!!

Have a fabulous Spring Break and I'll see y'all tomorrow!  Happy Polishing!!