Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spring or Summer Daisy Pedicure

Hey Y'all!!  So as promised, I would give you the tutorials for the designs used in the May issue of Atlanta Parent.  I did three designs for the article, so here's tutorial number 1.  This was my favorite design, but they didn't use it.  Oh well.  These daisies will be perfect for Spring and Summer!
I Used:
Wet-n-Wild- Cursed (orange jelly)
Wet-n-Wild- Get Lucky (yellow crème)
Finger Paints- First Edition (dark neon purple)
White Rhinestones
Medium Dotting Tool (toothpick would be perfect here)

This is a quick and easy pedicure.  I started with three coats of Wet-n-Wild Cursed.    Drop a couple of drops of your polish(es) on a piece of paper to dip your dotting tool into.  Next I started making the flowers with a medium sized dotting tool.  Start with a small dot to show the center of your flower.  Then make five slightly larger dots around that dot.  A toothpick would work perfectly for this.  Be sure to leave a little space between your center dot and your petals for the rhinestone.
Next, apply your top coat.  Make sure to make it a pretty thick coat, and do only one nail at a time.  Before it dries (or move on to the next nail), drop your rhinestone in the middle of your flowers.  Then press them down very easily.  This will set the rhinestone down into the top coat and give you a very secure stone.  I wore this design for a long time without losing a stone.

Hope y'all enjoyed today's pedicure!!  Two more to go!  Happy Polishing!!