Wednesday, April 15, 2015

First Water Marble of Spring

Hey Y'all!  How's your Spring weather going?  Hopefully better than ours.  It's been raining since Sunday!  And not just a little rain, but deluges.  It's the kind of rain that: 1) makes you want to sleep all day, but dang it, you have to get up and do something useful with your life, 2) makes the normally nice, warm weather both cold and muggy somehow, so you are chilly and a little sweaty, and the worse part, 3) makes all our old, beautiful trees fall over.  But today's mani was done over the weekend, when we still had some sun.

So for today I have my first Water Marble of Spring:
I Used:
Orly:  Key Lime Twist, a green leaning yellow ultra bright crème
Orly:  Frosting, white with a gold shimmer
Ok, so I had high hopes for this water marble.  The two Orly polishes looked great sitting next to each other, there was a lot of contrast between them...yeah, not so much.  They both worked great in the water marble, but you can barely tell them apart.  I do love these two colors, so I will be ding more with them soon; just not together.

I hope y'all are having a fabulous day!  Happy Polishing!!