Monday, April 20, 2015

Atlanta Nail Meet Up Holo Water Marble

Hey Y'all!!  I hope you had a great weekend.  We didn't do too much.  It was rainy.  I mean, really rainy.  We got a couple of inches of rain.  And while there was flooding issues in the area, we were good.  Thankfully.  And since it's the last weekend until Summer break that we didn't have much going on, we stayed home and vegged.

But last weekend (which if you follow me on facebook or instagram you already know), was our semi-annual Atlanta Nail Meet Up!  We started at lunch (Pho), talked, had giveaways and raffles, and then went shopping!!  But first, here's what I had on my nails, a Holographic Water Marble:
I Used:
OPI:  Do You Have This Color In Stockholm, an absolutely perfect shade of purple crème
Color Club:  Harp On It, a silver linear holographic polish
Color Club:  Beyond, a charcoal/black linear holographic polish
I had SO much fun!!  My buddy, Harri from Trailorhood Chic, was there.  It was her first time at this shopping place, so I took about 6 seconds to show her around before I went nuts myself.  In my defense, it was only my second time there.  I really wish I had video of Harri and I!  We were so excited that we literally kept running our buggies into each other.  Like 15 times!!  No surprise, but she and I spent the most.  Instead of bags, we got boxes!  But we live a long way from there and everyone else is pretty close.

Then we all met outside to take a "nail pic":
The orange and blue to my right (I have the watch on) are Harri's nails!  To see what she used, just click here!

And here is my haul:
There are some things hidden in the bag, but they are a surprise for a friend.  And there is one of my babies in the corner!  Count Damon hates to be left out of photos!

I love our meet ups!  Part of me wishes that we would get together more than just twice a year, but my wallet is thankful that we don't!

I hope y'all have a fun day!  Happy Polishing!!

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