Monday, August 6, 2012

For Everyone With Artificial Nails

I know salons won't be happy with my saying this, but women with acrylic nails can polish their own nails! There is absolutely no reason for you to be stuck with the same polish for two weeks, or to pay someone to change your polish, unless you that's what you want. These posts are for you too!

As I've said, I have acrylic over my natural nails (no tips). This is a recent development. I have a tendency to "jam" my hands...a lot! Right now I have two nails broken near the cuticle. Ouch!! So until I become more graceful, it's acrylic for me. Otherwise I have had natural nails for the last 14 years. And before that, I've gone back and forth between acrylic and natural. I even had a set when they first came out and were $100.00 for a full set. (I couldn't afford that all the time, so I eventually learned to do the acrylic myself.)

So for all my fellow "fake"' nailers, these tips, nail art designs and tips are for you too!!  Unless I specify, the instructions are the exact same for both acrylic and natural nails.  If they are different, there will be a note like this:
NOTE: For acrylic nails:

For natural nails:

So unless you see the above note, everyone does the exact same thing!  And remember if you ever have any questions, you can leave a note in the comment section or email me at

Happy polishing!